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What is Box Storage?

Box Storage offers hassle-free, end-to-end box rental and storage for smaller items.

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Our Really Cool Storage Boxes

Our plastic storage crates are made of commercial grade plastic. They are waterproof and far more durable than a flimsy cardboard box, protecting your belongings whilst being moved and stored.

Our boxes are ready to pack - no need to build and tape up!

Seriously; they will make storing your things way easier.

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Prefer to keep the boxes at your home or office and have constant access to your things? If you have the space you can save on the retrieval fee. We'll deliver the boxes, and you safely store your belongings in our sturdy, waterproof boxes for as long as you need! When you're done, give us a call and we''ll pop back and collect the boxes. 

FREE delivery/pickup. ORDER ONLINE
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Make Space in Your Home!

Simple, affordable box storage for your personal items

Storage Made Easier!
30155 Murcia, Spain.

The Problem with Regular Storage

With self-storage, you select a space and pay a set rate for that space. The problem is that if you only need a small number of items storing, you end up paying for storage you aren’t using. Prices of self-storage companies vary depending on unit, but prices typically start at around €50/month.

Then once you have found your space, you'll need some packing boxes, rent a van or load your car, drive to the facility, unpack everything, and then drive home.

Box Storage Designed Around YOU

Box Storage is perfect for those that have smaller storage requirements and don't wish to pay over the top for it.  

You simply order the number of storage boxes you need and we deliver them to your doorstep. Then, when you are done packing, we will return to collect your boxes and store them in our secure storage area.

Why should you have to pay for an entire storage unit when all you need to store is some winter clothes or Christmas decorations? You don’t have to with box storage! We charge per box stored!

Box Storage is also perfect for storing personal items whilst renting out your property!

Please note that Box Storage is not Self Storage - you do not have access to the storage area but can request box(es) to be retrieved as often as you wish (fee applies to retrievals).   

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You Pack

& Store

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*Free delivery/collection on orders of 5 boxes or more, else €15 charge applies.

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What's in your box?

Scan the QR code on the box using our free proprietary app to create your own inventory list! 

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