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Key Management

Keep Track of, & Safeguard Your Client's Keys

Key Receipt

Used for that initial handover of keys from the property owner or agent, to the Keyholder.

This can be a worrying moment for the property owner - handing the keys to their beloved holiday home over to someone that they hardly know. SmartCheck's Key receipt function shows your client that you are professional and provides them with peace of mind.

SmartCheck captures the number of keys and type of keys (e.g. front door, patio door, postbox etc.) handed over, and when.

The property owner signs the keys over using the digital touch screen pad, so that there's an agreed, signed record of the keys in your possession.

Digital receipt instantly emailed to the client and a copy emailed to you.

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Key Release

Used in times when the property owner may request you to give a set of keys to a Third Party, for example a builder undertaking works on the property.

Key Release records the reason, date and time of the release. It asks the person in receipt of the keys to agree to certain Terms and Conditions, and captures their digital signature using the touch screen. Additionally a photo can be taken of their ID and included in the notification email.

Notification of the key release, including the signature, is emailed to the property owner. Activity is logged for audit purposes.

Key Return

Used in conjunction with Key Release. When keys are returned the person in receipt of the keys signs to confirm the property has been left in a clean and tidy state. Notification is sent to the property owner. Activity is logged for audit purposes. 

Key Release T&C's

View the Terms and Conditions for Key Release. T&C's protect the Keyholder and the Property Owner. Can also be viewed directly from the Key Release app.

Third-party's are asked to digitally sign their acceptance of these Terms & Conditions before the keys are released to them.

Keys Out

Reports on any property keys that have been released to third-parties via the Key Release function and yet to be returned. Shows when they were released, to who and why.

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