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All your inspections made easy!

No more paperwork to complete and no more remembering when and what needs checking. And for your client, no more worrying whether their property has been checked on not. 

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There are several inspection types to choose from. Each one with specific checks appropriate to the type of inspection you are conducting:

Scheduled Inspection

Regular weekly, monthly etc. inspection. It is the most comprehensive inspection.


Prearrival Preparation

Completed prior to owners or guest arrivals. This check guides you through getting the property ready for occupation.


Property Vacated Check

For checking the property once the occupiers have left and ensuring every has been left as it should be.


Unscheduled Inspection

Used for ad hoc & emergency checks. The Inspector can select from a number of reasons for the inspection including adverse weather & security checks.


Inspection Notification

Simply sends a notification to the property owner that an inspection has been completed without the detailed report.


Post Works Check

Completed after a third-party tradesperson has vacated the property. Checks that the property has been left in a clean, tidy and secure state.

Meter Readings

Used to record water, gas and electricity meter readings. Sends Current & Previous Readings to Client for Comparison.


Inspection Overdue Alert

If one or more properties has not been inspected in line with the schedule configured when the property was added, an Inspection Overdue Alert will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Tapping on this alert brings up the Inspection Due Report for you to see which property, or properties, are overdue an inspection.

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