Guest Management

ChecKey Pro allows you to provide a professional service and a positive guest experience

Prearrival Info
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The days of outdated, tacky, laminated information packs are gone! With ChecKey Pro you can configure guest arrival information tailored to each property, which is then emailed to the guest prior to arrival.

The email introduces you as the Keyholder and can include information such as:

  • Arrival and Check-In Process

  • Parking arrangements

  • Nearest Shop, pool, beach

  • recommended restaurants

  • And more.

The problem with traditional paper welcome packs is they can become quickly outdated. With ChecKey Pro It takes just moments to keep the information up to date and relevant. Also a paper based welcome pack left in the property is of no help at all with regards to things like parking and the check-in process. With ChecKey Pro the guests receive this information prior to arrival providing them all the required information that they need to ensure a smooth arrival and check-in.

Further, the email includes a 'number of days to go' message, dynamically calculated based upon their arrival date, building up their excitement and anticipation, thus enhancing their overall guest experience. 

Add an additional revenue stream to your business by offering your customers an enhanced Guest Management/Holiday Letting service, utilising ChecKey Pro's Guest Management functionality. 

Check In Guest(s)
Guest Self Check In

Tourism rental laws in Spain require holiday rental companies and property managers to collect guests details, check ID and obtain the guest´s signature. ChecKey Pro's Check-In function speeds up this process, guiding the user through the process to ensure all required information is captured, before creating the required  "Parte de Viajeros" document and sending it via email to the appropriate party (property owner, Letting Agent or local Police (if they accept registration via email).

Check-in can be either performed by the Keyholder or, to make life even easier, the guest can be requested to Self Check-in. With Self Check-in the guest is sent an email prior to arrival containing a unique property reference which they use to enter their details online. There is no app or anything for the guest to download.

Guest Feedback

Once the guests have departed you can request them to complete a simple on-line feedback survey.  The survey asks them to rate various aspects of their trip including the booking process, arrival and check-in, cleanliness of the property and the facilities offered. The results can be used to improve the services of the Keyholder, Property Owner and Letting Agent, and can also be published on your website or social media platforms.


The results of the survey are emailed to you and you can chose whether to forward the information on to the Property Owner and/or the Letting Agent.