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The People of Ukraine Urgently Need Thousands of Bikes is a Danish non-profit who fundraise donations in order to send used bikes from Western Europe to Ukrainian cities, where they are desperately needed. The humble bicycle is a vital tool in bombed out rural and urban areas, helping people get food, medicine and humanitarian aid, as well as transport to clinics and schools.
The invasion of Ukraine continues and the challenges faced by the people are many. There is a gas crisis, cars have been destroyed or sent to the front, public transport has been destroyed in many places and with the current bombardment of energy infrastructure, the electric trams and trolleybuses aren't reliable.
How We're Supporting Bikes4Ukraine
We are donating 10% of what we receive from every bike rental to Bikes4Ukraine. 
We have had a great start to our business since it's launch in summer 2023, so we have crunched the numbers and retrospectively donated on behalf of our awesome customers. 
  • Follow and share the Bikes4Ukraine appeals on social media. We'll also be sharing social media posts on our Facebook page.
  • Donate through the official FundRazr campaign page or click the donate button below.
  • Rent our e-bikes! We know that sounds a bit crass, but that really will help. And remember, we also donate to Carbon Offset programs to offset our delivery and collection footprint, so renting an e-bike from us really is a win-win situation. 
How You Can Help
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