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Get On yer e-Bike on Condado de Alhama!
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From just €15 a Day

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Quality e-bikes

Free Drop Off & Collection

Condado de Alhama
e-Bike Rental
Our e-bikes FOLD!

e.GO! e-Bike Rental, ebike rental electric bike hire Murcia

Get on yer e-bike, in 3 easy steps!



Select your dates & book your bikes(s) and any accessories.

No upfront payment needed!


We deliver the bike(s) free of charge directly to your home or holiday property on Condado de Alhama. You pay for the rental. We accept cash and cards.


Enjoy the Ride!

Then at the end of the rental period, we collect the bikes. Easy as 1, 2, 3!


eGO electric bike rental murciahelmet
eGO electric bike rental murcia free delivery
Well Equipped
Each bike comes with a helmet, front light, bell, lock and toolkit all in a convenient back sack.
FREE Delivery & Collection
We deliver the bike(s) straight to your door at Condado de Alhama free of charge.
Suggested Routes
Download official bike routes for you to get the most out of your e-bike hire. Or just go where the adventure takes you!
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Good to know..

+34 711 010 468 (WhatsApp)
or email us at
  • What size are the storage boxes?
  • Will I save money using Box Storage?
    Almost certainly! Here are a few of the ways you'll save some money: You only pay per box stored, compared with Self Storage where you pay for an entire storage unit, regardless of how much, or how little, you need to store. Our boxes are much stronger than cardboard so you'll be able to pack more in our boxes without worrying about the bottom falling out. This means you'll need fewer boxes to store your things in. If you value your time and would rather NOT spend hours gathering and building cardboard boxes. Box Storage boxes are delivered to you ready to be packed, saving you hours of valuable time. Our boxes have attached lids which means you won't need to spend extra money on rolls of packing tape. Our boxes never need tape. Just close the interlocking lids and you're done.
  • What is your Service Area?
    We offer a free delivery and pickup service within a 30km radius of postcode 30155. If you live outside of our service area but within reasonable driving distance, we may still be able to deliver/pickup for an additional fee - contact us to find out.
  • Is there a delivery and pickup charge?
    We offer free delivery and pickup within our service area on orders of 5 or more boxes. If you need less than that, then a €15 charge applies.
  • Will you pack our boxes?
    No; we do not not pack or unpack boxes.
  • Can I use my own boxes or store other items such as furniture?
    We operate a valet, box storage service. Only items that fit in and are stored in our boxes can be stored.
  • Where is your storage facility?
    We have a purpose built indoor secure storage room on our property in Murcia. It is monitored 24x7.
  • Are the boxes clean?
    Yes. Our boxes are cleaned and disinfected between uses.
  • Can I write or stick labels on the boxes?
    Each order comes with a liquid-chalk box marker. Please only use this marker on the boxes. We need to be able to remove your labeling. Please don’t use permanent markers as we will need to charge €30 per box.
  • How long can I store my things for?
    As long as you wish! There is a minimum storage of 3 months. After that you can store month by month. Please note there are no refunds or discounts for part months.
  • When does the rental and storage period start?
    The rental and storage period starts from the day the boxes are dropped off. So if, for example, you received the boxes on a Saturday, spent until Monday packing them and we then collected them on Tuesday to bring them into storage, your rental/storage period starts from the Saturday.
eGO electric bike rental murcia FAQ's
Everything you ever wanted to know about e-bike rental (but were afraid to ask)..
e-bike hire murcia
 Responsible Tourism.  We are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. An e-bike is naturally an environmentally-friendly way to enjoy the region, as well as being much more fun than a car! 

e-bikes are suitable for everyone, no matter what your experience or ability. They're also great fun!

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 Explore More. Pedal Less! 

 Hello, Fun..   Feel like a kid again! Whether you're getting around the resort, enjoying scenic coastal routes or simply popping down the shops, our e-bikes will make you smile :)
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ego electric bike rental murcia
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