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e-Bike Rental Murcia
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Suggested Routes
Download official bike routes for you to get the most out of your e-Bike hire. Or just go where the adventure takes you!
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Greenways are old disused railroad tracks that have been converted to ecotourism itineraries for hikers and cyclists. Thanks to its accessibility, easy use and safety, with hardly any slopes and away from motorized traffic, they are especially suitable for anyone who wishes to discover the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the places and territories they pass through.
Vía Verde del Campo de Cartagena
From the coast inland, following in the footsteps of a railway line that never existed.
Campo de Cartagena Greenway recovers the 53.2 km of the unfinished Cartagena - Totana railway line for the enjoyment of hikers and cyclists, crossing Campo de Cartagena and the meadows of Guadalentín. Halfway along, the route meets with Mazarrón Greenway.
Vía Verde de Mazarrón
Mazarrón's Greenway starts (or ends) in the municipality of Fuente Álamo, in La Pinilla, in the rest area enabled at its confluence with the Greenway of Campo de Cartagena, about 600 m Northwest of this small town.

It runs westwards through rainfed crops and, after crossing the RM-E17 road, it borders the Algarrobo foothills, a space covered by pine trees, esparto grass and bushes that can be seen from the bridge over the los Tollos boulevard, in the municipality of Mazarrón.

A couple of kilometres ahead, we reach the rest area of El Saladillo, next to an inn located on the service road of the RM-3 Motorway, very close to the hermitage of San Antonio in El Saladillo.

It continues southwards through the Country Club residential, along streets that have respected the railway route, and then crosses Las Yeseras boulevard, next to which another rest area has been conditioned, which can be accessed from the RM-E19 Road.

After crossing the RM-607 Highway and the AP-7 Highway along 13.7 km, it ends near Mazarrón, in a refuge area west of Cerro de San Cristóbal, a former colourful mining reserve that dates back to the Roman era.

Along the RM-D4 road, and separated from it by a protective barrier, a 1.3 km connection path has been built, which leads to the entrance of the city of Mazarrón, a few kilometres from the well-known beaches and coves of the municipality.
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Chicharra Cieza GreenWay
Chicharra CIEZA Greenway is a hiking and touring-cyclist itinerary of 13,7 km built on the former railway layout known as "Chicharra", that used to depart from Cieza and went all the way to Alcoy. This stretch in Cieza is also part of Vera Cruz's Way of the pilgrimage to Caravaca.
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Vía Verde del Chicharra Yecla
Chicharra Yecla Greenway recovers for hiking and touring-cyclist use the 8.9 kilometers of the old railway line between the city of Yecla and the municipality of Villena, in the Valencian Commumity, where the Las Virtudes - Villena - Biar section is already finished under the name of Greenway Xixarra.
Vía Verde de Almendricos
The Almendricos Greenway, with a length of 6.6 km, starts from the Almendricos halt, skirting the Sierra de Enmedio (protected area of community interest) and ascending easily until the rest area bordering on Almeria.

Along the route there are several ravines and a tunnel, and a contrasting scenery, from the urban landscape of Almendricos surrounded by plantations of citrus fruits and fruit trees, to areas of low bushes with isolated clumps of Aleppo pine, olive trees and kermes oaks, as we get closer to the border of the province.

We can see, next to the path, old farmhouses for grazing and farming work, and even small wells and cisterns for the catchment and storage of water.

This path continues for about 12 kilometers along the Andalusian Almanzora Greenway until you reach the town of Huércal Overa in Almería.

Connection Between Greenways Totana - Caravaca de la Cruz
The connection between Totana and Caravaca de la Cruz is a hiking and cycling route of almost 84 kilometres that runs through four municipalities (Totana, Aledo, Lorca and Caravaca de la Cruz) and crosses urban areas, small villages, and large areas of crops, forests and scrubland.

The route starts at Totana train station, at the end of the "Campo de Cartagena Greenway". The route passes through the sanctuary of La Santa, the village of Aledo, the Lorca highland districts of Las Terreras, Avilés and Coy, and then passes through the hamlet of La Encarnación, until it reaches the tourist hostel at the old railway station in Caravaca de la Cruz, the end of the "Noroeste Greenway".

It runs along rural tracks and paths, on dirt or asphalted roads with little road traffic to allow walkers and touring cyclists shared use. In some sections there are cycling detours. In any case, as it is not a "greenway" with exclusive use, special caution should be taken when travelling this route on foot or by bicycle.
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