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Your air conditioner units harbour an alarmingly large amount of mould spores, bacteria, mildew, fungi and even human skin cells (yuk!) and other contaminants that are blown through your home every time they're turned on, potentially causing ill health, particularly if anyone in your household suffers with asthma or from allergies or other airborne pathogens.


"Having your air conditioner cleaned by HomeMaid is healthier for you and your pocket, as the system will run more efficiently saving you money!"

Our AC cleaning service ensures better air quality to your home, prevents the build up of harmful bacteria and stops mould from developing in your system. Better yet, it restores your unit to optimal performance by getting rid of the dirt and dust which can cause problems longer term.


Most common issues with air conditioning units, such as leaks and units not cooling quickly enough are often the result of an unmaintained and dirty unit.

We give your AC units a thorough clean - we remove, wash & sanitize the filters. We then use compressed air to clean the internal components of the unit, blowing away dirt and debris in hard-to-reach areas, before sanitizing the coils and fins.

We also check wiring for any visible damage, and even clean the remote controls, before testing everything is working as it should be. 


“If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your air conditioner, then it’s been far too long”

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