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Is your Dishwasher smelly or performing badly?

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Dishwasher Deep Clean

Over time, grease and food debris will accumulate inside the dishwasher.


This decreases the overall performance of your appliance and this is also not hygienic for your utensils. Your plates may look clean, but they will not be free from germs.

Even if your dishwasher looks clean at a first glance, it's almost guaranteed that if it's been used regularly and hasn't been cleaned for a couple of months, the filters and other maintainable parts will be full of grease and smelly gunk!

Having your Dishwasher professionally cleaned by HomeMaid:

  • Removes limescale build up from internal parts

  • Eliminates detergent build up

  • Helps kill odour-causing bacteria

  • Hygienically cleans all internal parts

  • Maximises the efficiency of the appliance

  • Prolongs the life of the appliance

Dirty appliances can ruin a holiday before it even starts.


Don't let your rental property receive negative reviews because of the state of your dishwasher

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Proper and regular cleaning and maintenance of your dishwasher prolongs its life and avoids expensive repairs and even replacement.

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