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The Benefits Of Professional Mattress Cleaning

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For a Healthier, Restful Nights Sleep

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 Professional Mattress Deep Clean 

Our multi-step mattress cleaning process is designed to thoroughly clean your mattress and effectively eliminate allergens:

High Filtration Pre-Vacuum Using Cold Light + Silver Ion Technology - both sides to remove loose dirt, dust and dead skin

Spot Treat Stains

Deep Clean Mattress – both sides removing stains, dust mites and bacteria, using our commercial graded Water Injection and Extraction system

Apply Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Dust Mite Treatment giving 6 months protection


Dry Mattress and return to your bed ready for a good night's sleep.

The method we use to clean mattresses involves injecting water deep into the fibres. Simultaneously, the water is extracted with powerful vacuums. This dislodges dirt, cuts through stains and kills bacteria — all at the same time.

While there are other cleaning methods out there, water injection/extraction is easily the most effective — delivering numerous benefits:

  • Removes the majority of allergens

  • Kills the majority of bacteria

  • Kind to the environment — 100% eco-friendly

  • Dries quickly

  • Promotes better sleep

We use a powerful, professional grade water injection/extraction machine. Anything less just wont deliver the same results, and may even cause damage to your mattress. The extraction process ensures your mattress quickly dries - alternative cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning, can leave your mattress too wet which will result in mould growth. Furthermore, the high temperature from steam cleaning can actually bake in stains rather than remove them. 

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Our Cleaning Method

Who are you sharing your bed with?

The average mattress is filled with body fluids, dead skin cells and millions of dust mites. And if you rent your property out to guests, then they might not even belong to you (yuk!) 

And don't forget about the potential fungus and bacteria multiplying beneath the surface as well.


Experts recommend that your mattress should be cleaned every six months.

You wouldn't sleep on dirty sheets - so why are you sleeping on a dirty mattress?

Our Prices

Single Mattress - both sides €35

Double Mattress - both sides €45

King Size Mattress - both sides €55

10% Discount on 3 mattresses or more

(prices subject to IVA)


"Your mattress will be left looking and smelling clean and fresh"

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