Days in Lock Down: 21

Wow. Three weeks indoors!

I’m experiencing a peculiar feeling of déjà vu today as for the second time this week I look forward to ‪Friday evening‬ and the weekend. Our options for what to do this weekend are naturally limited. This evening will of course be a quiet night in. Again. We’re getting used to them. But what would lift our spirits and make it all so much better would be to order in a takeaway. Possibly a lovely, spicy Indian, or maybe a nice Chinese stir-fry. Sadly, for us, even that seems impossible.

Takeaway deliveries are allowed, but collection is not. But here’s the problem – there are no places that we can find that will deliver to us. And by us, I mean everyone here where we live; it’s not just that I upset them all and they are now refusing to come out to us.

The odd place that did once deliver here no longer do, I assume to protect their workforce, which is completely understandable.

And it’s not that we live completely in the back of beyond either. It’s just that fast-food and takeaways isn’t something that the Spanish really go in for in a big way.

The Spanish idea of fast-food is Menú del Día, or Menu of the Day. Usually three courses plus bread and a drink designed to be prepared, served and consumed in your lunch hour. Which is still pretty fast, and at a price comparable to that of a Whopper Meal Deal. Views across the Mediterranean are frequently thrown in for free.

Of course, we do have McDonalds, Burger King and KFC relatively nearby. Visiting McDonalds here is a slightly different affair to that in the UK. Firstly, you can go anytime of the day and it will never be busy. Ever. And secondly you can order a beer with your Big Mac. I have to say overall, it’s a whole better experience. But none of them are doing deliveries. So that’s flamed grilled, deep fried and McAnything all off the menu.

You’d think then that all the restaurants that have been forced to close would now be offering delivery services, but here’s the other thing about Spain – Red Tape and bureaucracy rule. They need to obtain the correct paperwork before they can offer that as a service. And anything involving paperwork (and most things in Spain do), can take many, many frustrating months even at the best of times. But during a lockdown? There’s more chance of them finding a cure for Coronavirus sooner than finding someone to deliver my Saag Aloo.

To make matters worse, our local radio station is still running all the same adverts they were broadcasting pre-lockdown, cruelly teasing us with a myriad of special offers on every type of cuisine imaginable. Those offering attractive discounts for large groups are quite frankly taking it just one step too far.

So, if anyone local knows of a restaurant or takeaway that will deliver here, please send them this way. And if they can come around at about 8pm any evening, we’ll even clap and cheer for them from our balcony.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have fun, stay inside and stay safe.

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