Days in Lockdown: 12

I always knew that my birthday today would be a memorable one. But I thought for a very different reason. But as it turns out, a birthday under lockdown is really not such a bad thing at all.

Jo, having completely exploited the fact that online shopping and home delivery is still allowed and operational, spoilt me with cards and gifts. I only wish I’d thought of that last week and had done the same for Mother’s Day. Lesson Learnt.

But best of all I got to spend the day with those that mean the most to me. Under different circumstances, Archie would have been at school all day. He was still expected to partake in the online schooling, but when he mentioned that it was birthday, his teacher said he could miss maths and instead spend some time with me. These are certainly very different times.

Typically, on my birthday, I might pop out for a little birthday tipple, or a spot of lunch. Or most likely both. This year, in contrast I occupied my afternoon by tightening the handles of all the saucepans in the kitchen cupboards. It was oddly satisfying.

It wasn’t only me utilising time constructively either. For several days now, Jo has been considering learning a new skill, and after just a couple of hours of practise today, can now rather impressively hold a full glass of wine by only her chin. A remarkable new addition to her skillset and just shows what you can achieve when you set your mind to something.

The big news of the day was that the rain stopped, and the sun made several return appearances! We even managed to enjoy a beer or two in the garden. There’s really no doubt that a bit of fresh air can make all the difference to your happiness and wellbeing. A beer or two is equally effective.

So today was a very good day! And of course, my birthday is not even close to being over. I still get to take the rubbish out later…`

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful birthday wishes. This year, more than any other, it really mattered.

Muchas Gracias Amigos.

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