Days in Lockdown: 13

I have tried, but it has not always been possible, to keep these diaries light-hearted and upbeat, but the reality of living in this current climate, is that real life, which can sometimes be sad and cruel, still happens no matter how much you lock yourself away.

Earlier in the week I wrote about the sad passing of a popular character here on La Torre where we live. Because of the coronavirus, funeral services are not allowed. Staying in doors for a few weeks when you are surrounded by your loved ones, really isn’t such a big deal. But being told you cannot hold a funeral service for your husband of 48 years, truly is. The impact the coronavirus is having on people’s lives, and even their deaths, is immeasurable.

It seemed inevitable then that this would be another downbeat diary entry. Except, I want to touch on something positive:

At precisely 11am this morning, friends, neighbours and family took to their balconies and terraces to simultaneously play his favourite song, Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy. Not just here on La Torre, but across the region and back in the UK with friends and family joining in. People played the tune on their phones and laptops. Alexa most certainly would have had a sore throat the number of times she was asked to play it. Some sang along, some stood in quiet reflection, others raised a glass. One person played a saxophone accompaniment.

For 4 minutes and 45 seconds Eva Cassidy filled the morning air, and during this time, one grieving widow learnt that despite the lockdown and forced isolation she was far from alone.

This was much more than just showing last respects to one man. Some quite possibly didn’t even know him. Others I’m sure thought about their own loved ones that they have lost or are currently separated from. But ultimately this was about an entire community unifying to support a neighbour who needed to know that, just maybe, things will eventually be okay.

I’ve also written frequently about what I refer to as the Spanish Clap, which despite the odd get well soon wish and numerous snide comments, isn’t something I have recently contracted out here, but the 8pm nightly show of appreciation across Spain to all the frontline workers that continue to work to serve us. Yet another way in which communities here are coming together for each other. I hear the UK are planning on doing this tonight; the British Clap. Like Spanish Clap I assume, except a little wetter. Please try and join in. I promise you won’t get any embarrassing rashes from it.

The lockdown here has now been officially extended to last until at least April 12th. That isn’t going to be easy, but we will make it through together, with new friends, stronger ties, and in my case at least, a few extra pounds or so around the midriff.

“In a world that you can be anything. Be Kind. Be Inside. And Be Safe.”

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