Days in Lockdown: 14

Yesterday evening Archie stopped me in my tracks when he posed that question that all parents of children of a certain age expect, but dread to hear.

No. Not that one. The other one.

“Daddy, how much do you drink?”. Apparently, they’ve been learning about Healthy Living ‘at school’. What a ridiculous time to be doing that! Two weeks ago, I could have just about handled such impertinent interrogation; knocking off a couple of units here and there to bring my average weekly consumption down somewhere close to an acceptable level. Or possibly side stepped the main question altogether by pointing to the daily walks we take and boasting of the freshly prepared, healthy meals we mostly eat. But 14 days into lockdown he caught me on the hop, with a mouth stuffed full of leftover chocolate birthday cake, desperately wringing out the last few drops from the foil bag dissected from an 8-litre wine box, like some oversized Capri Sun.

The answer to his question then, is at the moment, evidently a bit too much.

So, it was decided that day 14 should be a healthy one. In contrast to the UK, we are not allowed to venture outside for exercise, at least not beyond our own gardens, so a nice brisk stroll, my preferred form of physical activity was out of the question. On a plus side, that also discounted running, jogging, cycling, all team sports and going to the gym. And so, with limited options, ideas and to be perfectly honest, enthusiasm, we headed out to the garden for the ‘MMXX Lockdown Games’.

Event 1. Archery. Archie won both the target and long distant rounds, with a new personal best which saw the one and only arrow we had, being launched over the fence into next door’s garden.

Event 2. Discus. Well sort of. Again, a particularly powerful throw from the young English boy saw the discus (for discus, think Frisbee) follow the same route as the arrow.

Event 3. With both previous events now postponed until post lockdown when vital sports equipment can be legally retrieved, we introduced an exciting new event - ‘Bottle Hoopla’. Years of practice from attending Nottingham Goose Fair paid off for a highly motivated Joanne Barton, seeing her claim both the red wine and almost empty bottle of cooking Brandy.

However as today has been designated an alcohol free evening, she’ll just have to wait to enjoy her prize.

The rain which we thought had finally left us returned bringing the exciting Lockdown Games to an abrupt end. The forecast for tomorrow is another full day of rain, so most likely we’ll be back to board games. Which undoubtedly means more chocolate. And alcohol.

But today was a lot of fun.

I’m letting Jo take the rubbish to the bins this evening. I’ve had more than enough exercise for one day.

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