Days in Lockdown: 15

This should have been our final day under lockdown, or very close to it if you’re following a slightly different schedule. But we will now definitely remain in lockdown until at least April 12, and although we shouldn’t negatively speculate, I don’t think there’s much optimism here that it won’t be extended yet again well beyond that date. Just this evening further restrictions on movement have been announced. Nonessential workers who up to now could go to work if unable to perform their jobs from home, are now prohibited from doing so from Monday.

I feel cheated. We’ve done our time, even exhibited occasional Good Behaviour. But there’s absolutely no chance of early release or even parole for us. It’s very disheartening.

And this should have been my last blog. I’ve absolutely no idea how or if I can continue to find something to write about every day for another two weeks or more. Certainly not without continuously repeating the same thing day after day, over and over again. Although that is actually a very accurate representation of how most days feel right now.

“I’m bored of my computer”. I nearly fell off my chair when Archie announced that this morning. But I shouldn’t be surprised really. His school lessons are now taught through his computer. His socialising can now only be done through his computer. Archie is desperately missing real school and craving real contact with other children of his age. He wants to ride his bike and scooter and just run around outside with his friends. And with no other children at home with us, it’s beginning to hit him quite hard. Painfully there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

But the forecasted rain for today never happened and instead we were treated to a lovely sunny day. One of very few we’ve had since the lockdown began. Breakfast alfresco, a full day of playing games out in the fresh air, the warm sunshine on our backs and a family barbecue to top it all off, has given us all a massively overdue morale boost.

We’re all still safe, have our health, each other and food. I went to the shop today to pick up some essential items (the type that come in 75cl bottles). The shelves are stocked full.

Everyone is still behaving themselves and no panic buying. In fact, the extra restrictions introduced just last week to limit shop opening hours, have already been relaxed. We are unlikely to go without food.

So, despite the dread of many more weeks of lockdown and isolation, we still have more than a few positives to cling to. We can do this. And remember – the clocks going forward one hour this weekend mean one whole hour less on lockdown!

Time now for our daily dose of the Spanish Clap. Afterwards, I just might let Archie take the rubbish out.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong.

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