Days in Lockdown: 20

If I was to pick a favourite day of the week, it would have to be Friday. I know most would probably go for one of the weekend days; Saturday because you get a full day off with no thought or concern of work the next day, or Sunday – a lie in followed by a chilled, relaxing day with the family. But for me the weekend is not the weekend unless I first have a Friday at work. I love it as the day, albeit often too slowly, draws ever closer towards that magic ‪5pm‬ time when I can close my diary, switch off my laptop and get that ‘Friday Feeling’. To me this is what starts and makes the weekend. Plus, I’m also a bit partial to Sounds of the 80’s with Gary Davies, ‪Friday night Radio 2.

Things are of course a little bit different under lockdown; my diary is now and for the foreseeable future completely redundant so that little custom no longer takes place, and there’s no day or evening out to look forward to anytime over the weekend, but for me it’s still two days off work and something to look forward to, embrace and get excited about.

As I did today. Until it dawned on me that today is bloody Thursday.

Some days I have no idea which one it is.

I still work from home, but that just tells me it’s a weekday, not which one. All my other usual daily routines have been replaced by just one singular activity – Staying In. And that lasts all day and all night.

There is no school run. We don’t need to check whether it’s a PE day or not. No homework (it’s all homework). Archie and Jo are both at home all day, every day. Thursday evenings I would normally go out for a couple of hours, and now of course I cannot. The only regular activity we have is the ‪8pm‬ Spanish Clap, which happens every day anyway, so that doesn’t help at all.

It’s become so confusing that I’m now seriously considering buying a multipack of Days of The Week Underpants like the ones I proudly wore as a child. I think these would help immensely; a quick glance down at my crotch area would be all that is needed to confirm exactly where we are in the week. But so far I have been unable to find any in my size.

Experts generally agree that some routine and structure to your day can help with your mental health and overall wellbeing. But, putting aside my immediate anguish that it’s actually not yet the weekend, I’m strangely enjoying this new unrigid, unstructured way of life, with no schedules to run to or appointments to keep. I like going to bed each night without worrying about tomorrow’s plans – because there aren’t any. I have a clear head, and an empty mind. Yes. Even more so than usual.

But don’t listen to me. I am certainly not an expert. Probably just very lazy.

But I am taking the news of it not being ‪Friday night‬ really quite badly, so much so that I’m inclined to just stick with it now, stay up late, drink too much and listen to Gary Davies on replay.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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