Days in Lockdown: 22

After yesterday’s lovely day of warm sunshine, we had hoped the unsettled weather that has plagued us since the lockdown began, was finally turning for the better. But we woke this morning to a rather dull and gloomy day. At least it’s not raining. But we had hoped for better - it’s disappointing. Dull, Gloomy and Disappointing; three words which depict the mood here in Spain today perfectly.

Because, as the UK seemed to be heading en masse to the beaches, countryside and beauty spots to enjoy their one-hour daily exercise allowance in the sun, here in Spain Prime Minster Pedro Sanchez announced that the lockdown, or State of Alarm to give it it’s official title, is to be extended a further two weeks until April 26th.

This has been widely expected and probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But it still hits home very hard when you see it officially announced. Maybe it’s misplaced optimism, denial or hope, but you can’t help but hang on to that tiny possibility, no matter how unlikely, that things might change. After all, if we lose hope, what do we have left?

It all feels so incredibly unfair. We were just about to start our last week on lockdown. For a second time. And now instead of one doable week left, we have another, what seems an impossible, three weeks to endure. At least. Just as we began to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is cruelly extended, and the light drastically dimmed.

There had been some hopeful speculation that some of the stricter restrictions on our movement may have been relaxed; that we might have been allowed to take our children out for a short walk for example, or some other small concession that would have meant so much. But so far there is no sign of this happening.

And so, with the two-week Easter Break ahead of us, we are going to have to find yet more innovated, fun, ‘indoory’ ways to occupy ourselves for a few more weeks.

The way in which we are entertaining ourselves is certainly changing. Just earlier this evening we found ourselves fervently screaming and shouting at the TV, cheering on pretend horses competing in the Virtual Grand National. With no false starts and no horses hurt, my favourite, ‘Elegant Escape’ made a good start before virtually refusing to jump a fictitious fence and throwing off its not real jockey. Such a shame I wasn’t able to place my bet using virtual money.

And tonight, we’re looking forward to the party at Buddy’s Place. Not that we will be leaving the house to attend it. It’s a live music party streaming on Facebook which we’ll be casting to our TV screen for the full experience, which will surely be a huge improvement on what’s normally on our TV on a Saturday night. The best thing about it, is you’re all invited too, 9pm UK time:

Constantly having to stay indoors isn’t always fun. But it doesn’t have to be that bad either.

And most importantly, we’re safe.

Please, Stay Indoors and Stay Safe.

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