Days in Lockdown: 23 to 25

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I took a little break from my daily posts, mainly because it can be quite tricky writing about your day when every day is practically the same; there’s always that getting out of bed bit, and then there’s the going to bed bit, and finally there’s that long, boring bit in between. And that’s pretty much it.

So, here’s a quick catch-up of the last few days:

Day #23 Sunday. We were woken in the earlier hours by Archie who uncharacteristically had a nightmare. He climbed into our bed, shaking, telling us about his horrible dream involving a plague that was killing everyone in the world. I wonder where on earth his subconscious pulled that idea from?

I really do feel for children during this confusing and difficult time. Although Archie understands what’s happening, it’s still incredibly tough on him. His school life has been disrupted, he can’t see his friends and has not been allowed to leave the confines of the house and garden for several weeks. Of course, this is the same for all children in Spain right now. At least as adults we get to occasionally go to the shop, take out the rubbish and drown our sorrows, nightly, in a bottle or two of something.

Despite the unsettled and worrying night, we still managed to enjoy a good family Sunday. I dug out my old Atari games console and introduced Archie to the delights of gaming 1980’s style, cooked a Sunday Roast, not something we typically do since moving here, and then completely stuffed, we, somewhat peculiarly, sat down to watch the Queen’s Speech. For the third time in as many weeks it felt like Christmas, albeit this time one from four decades ago. Apparently, it’s Easter next weekend. This year is really flying by. If only.

Day #24 I have the ‪Monday Morning‬ Blues personified today – feeling angry at the world. Well, more precisely the UK. We of course follow the UK news and the situation there closely. The reports on the news and the pictures and posts on social media of people ignoring the lockdown rules and heading out in car loads to the countryside or to the beach for walks and picnics whilst my son begins his fourth week in lockdown without having taken a single step outside the front door, really upsets and angers me. I know it’s a minority, but it’s a minority of thousands that will cause so much harm. Meanwhile Spain remains on a complete lockdown which has now been extended to at least ‪the 26th April‬.

I’m trying very hard to not sound like some petulant child crying “our lockdown is better than yours”. And maybe it isn’t. I guess that really depends on your viewpoint, or at least which side of the English Channel you are on.

Or maybe it’s just jealousy. I cannot deny that right now I can’t think of anything I’d rather do more than take my family to the beach for a stroll and an ice cream. It’s not like it’s far away – on a good, clear day and with a bit of a squint and imagination, I can teasingly see the bloody thing from my bedroom window. We could easily fit that in if we were allowed just one hour of exercise a day. But we are not. So, I guess that’s a yes then; I am very jealous of that.

Perhaps it’s none of my business – after all we chose to leave the UK to live here, and so we must abide the rules here and not concern ourselves with what’s happening in the UK. But I have family, good friends and loved ones in the UK who I would really like to see again one day, so I am, I think understandably, more than slightly peeved at those inevitably prolonging that time.

Early night tonight for Mr. Grumpy, me thinks.

Day #25 Woke up this morning and gave myself a big slap in the face, to force myself to look at things with a more positive perspective.

As a million and more Facebook posts and memes have been telling us for weeks; we’re not stuck at home, we’re safe at home. And more so. I still have my job, we have food in the cupboards, even the odd bottle of something red and fruity, and we’re in good health. We have Netflix, mobile phones, access to Social Media and online entertainment. Most importantly we have each other. There are people faring far worse than us: keyworkers who undoubtably would love to be at home, safe with their loved ones, those that are alone and those that are facing financial hardship having had their jobs and livelihoods cruelly torn away from them by the Coronavirus. It’s these people I need to be concentrating my energy on to see how we can help them.

Also, there are some positive signs that the lockdown here is working. And news reports are now suggesting that maybe, just maybe, ‪after the 26th April‬ we might see some relaxing of the strict restrictions on movement here. I’m already counting the days down to that blissful time when we can take the rubbish out as a family.

Feeling much better today. Think I should consider starting every day with a slap in the face.

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