Days in Lockdown: 32 to 34

Day #32 1 Day Less until lockdown ends.

Tuesday, and following the extended weekend, some non-essential workers were able to return to work today. The UK news reported this as ‘Spain relaxing their lockdown sanctions’, which sadly isn’t strictly true. The Royal Decree issued on the 14th March still stands in its original form and we remain in almost total confinement. Two weeks ago, an additional temporary restriction was put in place to prevent all non-essential workers from working for a period of two weeks. It is this two-week ban (or ‘hibernation’ as they called it), that has come to an end, with some strict conditions and exclusions.

Perhaps this is just semantics, and they could have extended the hibernation further, so it is still positive news, but plans for our post lockdown party continue to remain tentatively on hold for now.

The current State of Alarm remains in place ‪until the 26 April. Undoubtedly it will be extended again well into May, but the hope is that this next extension might come with a few less restrictions. A little treat or two as a reward for us being such good lockdowners.

It was certainly evident in terms of the number of cars back out on the road today that people were returning to work; still relatively few as many workers are choosing to remain in isolation, but after two weeks of practically none, it was noticeable. It’s strange how what at first was an eerie silence had become the norm.

The gardeners here on the resort were especially eager to return to work and woke us this morning at some unearthly hour, noisily cutting back the trees and hedges outside. Well at least it felt unearthly early. Who knows. My body clock is still working on Curry Time.

Day #33 Another Day nearer to when lockdown ends.

Wednesday and the middle of the week already. I think. Bank holiday weekends always throw the days of the following week into disarray at the best of times. And these aren’t the best of times.

An unsettled night’s sleep with heavy rain and thunderstorms. Once again, my mood this morning matches the weather here. That is to say, ‘dark and gloomy’ as opposed to ‘pissed off’; Whilst accurately descriptive, I don’t recall Michael Fish ever describing a weather front in quite the same manner.

‪11th May is the next date that is being mentioned for the lockdown here to be extended to, which would make it about 2 months in total. So far, there are no details on whether any of the restrictions will be eased. All I really want is to allow Archie out of the front door for a little walk or a short bike ride. It really is tough on children here - dogs are getting out and about more than they are right now.‬

Today my task was to start cancelling our holiday plans we had for June. A two week or so American road trip on Route 66. I know we are not going now. Not this year anyway. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. As a family we have spent many happy hours planning the trip. We bought a US roadmap which Archie excitedly plotted our route out on. We’d shortlisted places to visit and of course the diners we wanted to eat at along the way. Archie was especially excited. I am acutely aware that this is another one of those moments when I really need to slap myself in the face; here’s me whinging about having to postpone a holiday when people are losing their livelihoods and much worse still, their lives. And I will. I promise. And pretty hard too. But no matter how self-regarding I know this is, it’s still upsetting and feels like we’re somehow admitting defeat.

Please excuse me whilst I give myself that slap…

Day #34 Another day on lockdown done.

I’ve roughly calculated that between Jo, Archie and myself we have each on average given 7,480 individual claps during our daily claps for the frontline workers, since the lockdown began. That’s a total of 22,440 claps between us. For those interested in the algorithm, it was based on a timing of 55 claps per every 15 seconds.

Today I am feeling somewhat bored.

I’ve estimated that in the last 34 days, excluding garden time, I have spent about 323.62 minutes or approximately 5 hours and 23 minutes outside of the house. 58.62 minutes of that was taking the rubbish out to the bins. The rest is made up of shopping and helping out a neighbour.

That averages at about 9 minutes of outside time a day. At least it would if I went out everyday. Using the same calculation, Archie has spent zero hours and zero minutes outside ‪in 34 days‬.

We’ve baked 3 cakes, cooked 9 batches of soup, played 11 board games including 1 game of monopoly, and drunk an embarrassing amount of wine. We’ve had 1 argument (over monopoly hence why just the one game), celebrated 1 Mother’s Day, 1 birthday and enjoyed 1 takeaway.

I’ve taken the rubbish across to the bins 17 times clocking up a total of 2,958 strides, and eaten a billion or so calories.

I’ve lost count of the number of times it’s rained. Hours spent on Facebook, binging on Netflix and sleeping at odd hours of the day are just simply immeasurable.

We’ve cried a bit, but encouragingly, laughed a lot, lot more. Albeit at times a somewhat deranged, going insane type of laugh.

I’ve written 26 blogs spanning 34 days with a total of 13,573 words, using the word ‘Lockdown’ 101 times, ‘bored’ 5 times, ‘rain’ 15 times, ‘happy’ 7 times and the phrase ‘pissed off’, surprisingly, just twice.

I am SO bored today.

And now that’s just gone and messed up my word count.

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