Days in Lockdown: 35 to 37

Day #35

Friday and the end of yet another week. Must be time to open a bottle. Again.

I recently read the results of a U.K. survey which suggested that one in three people are drinking less during the lockdown. I did chuckle as I showed Jo the very obvious misspelling of the word ‘exercising’, until she pointed out it wasn’t actually a mistake after all. Well done you lot! Aren’t you just the clever ones. Clearly they never asked me to partake in the survey.

I do feel inadequate some days. Not something I’m entirely new to, but this has been personified during the lockdown as Facebook is flooded with posts of individuals and families absolutely killing the lockdown with regular exercise, arts and crafts, learning to play instruments, improving their language skills etc, bloody etc. And now, apparently, following a healthier lifestyle.

I on the other hand feel right chuffed with myself if I can just manage a day of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the right order, at the right times and without chocolate featuring as one of the key ingredients.

In my slightly desperate defence, I do still work full time so I haven’t gained as much free time as some, although my evening’s and weekend’s do take some filling these days. So I started thinking that maybe I should look at using my additional spare time a little bit more constructively and ease my guilt and Facebook envy.

But this is Spain. So I’ll start mañana.

Day #36 Another day under lockdown completed.

Rose enthusiastically early and started the day with a healthy breakfast of eggs and pulses. Ok, eggs with baked beans. Fried eggs. And bacon. Ok, so it was a Full English, but a hearty breakfast is surely important if I’m going to have a busy day doing constructive type things.

Ordered Archie an Airfix modelling kit from Amazon. This is definitely a case of Dad unashamedly reliving his childhood through his son. I’m looking forward to building this with him. Hopefully my modelling skills have improved somewhat since I was his age; how I don’t have a fuselage still superglued to my left forearm can only be attributed to my Mum’s persistent and determined application of spit and soap. Anyway, that’s arts and crafts ticked off.

Cut my toenails. They didn’t even need doing. But apparently it’s important to take care of your appearance even if you’re not seeing anyone. Tick.

As an avid cook and enthusiastic Barbecuer, I’ve long wanted to perfect the art of Smoking. So I watched five hours back to back episodes of American BBQ Pit Master on Amazon Prime, whilst horizontal on the sofa. New skill learnt. Tick.

My constructive day is going very, very well indeed.

Using my new skills I smoked some Swordfish on the BBQ for dinner and ticked off healthier lifestyle.

And as a reward, I treated myself by opening a bottle of vino tinto, although in line with my healthier lifestyle, I drunk much less than half of it.

When I say bottle, it might have been a box.

Day #37 Another day closer to the end of lockdown.

Rolled out of bed at a reasonable 11.00. Actually more than reasonable considering the time we got to bed in the early hours.

Late last night we learned the fantastic news that from 27th April, it looks as if children in Spain will be allowed to venture outside for exercise for the first time in SIX WEEKS! Until now they have not been allowed out at all - no trips to the shops or even to the bins.

What conditions will be applied to this are still to be announced, and with no other relaxation in the current sanctions yet mentioned, this does mean that the lockdown will definitely be extended to the 10th May at least, but this really is the best news we’ve had for a long while.

So naturally we celebrated.

I’ve been accused, quite unfairly I should add, many times of being the type of person that could celebrate the opening of a door, but strangely, that’s exactly what we did last night.

We streamed a couple of watch parties onto the television, switched on the disco lights for effect and indulged in some embarrassing dad and mum dancing. A great night only marred by me losing the long and slightly heated debate over the correct lyrics to Club Tropicana by Wham!

We’ve not been out, out for 37 days; these things are very important.

This has led to a somewhat more subdued day today; enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the garden, although again it was slightly marred by me losing consecutive games of Jenga.

But we’ve now had to hastily retreat back inside and batten down the hatches as a thunderstorm batters us. At least we weren’t planning on going out for the evening. Let’s just hope there’s sunshine after the rain.

Another weekend under lockdown almost done. We’re getting there folks.

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