Days in Lockdown: 56 to 58

Day #56

8th May.

Is life finally on the brink of returning to some kind of normal? There’s certainly an optimistic vibe spreading.

But it’s going to take quite some time. Families have been displaced and many cruelly separated. It’s been a long period of fear and uncertainty with communities forced to shelter from a completely new threat, never leaving home without a protective mask.

There’s been food shortages. Lives and livelihoods put on hold and turned upside down which no doubt will take years to rebuild.

And of course there’s been an unprecedented number of deaths.

But it’s also been a time of national pride as ‘ordinary’ people stepped up to the plate and did extraordinary things, displaying incredible acts of courage, selflessly giving their lives so that others may live.

Just to confirm that date again: 8th May. 1945.

VE Day. Time to remember. Time to celebrate. Time to reflect.

Day #57

Day 10 of lockdown will always stay firmly etched in my mind as the day that almost all my friends in Spain went into a collective meltdown. I still have no real idea why, but reading Facebook posts that day was as uplifting as an afternoon reading epitaphs at the pet cemetery. For the record, that’s not something I regularly do.

Day 10 was some time ago now. 47 days ago to be exact. Today has been much better. For me at least anyway. I have been enjoying an evening of retro music and vintage wine.

Perhaps a little too much.

But Jo hasn’t been her usual upbeat self. And I don’t think it’s entirely down to my music choices this evening either.

I forget sometimes that the lockdown is harder on Jo than me. My days aren’t really that much different to pre-lockdown days. I’ve been working from home, effectively enjoying my own mini-lockdown, for almost the last 30 years. It’s quite normal for me to go several days without seeing or speaking to anyone outside our immediate household. I haven’t seen any of my work colleagues face to face for several years. And I don’t really mind that. They’re an ugly bunch.

But it’s very different for Jo. She works alongside one of her best friends and together they have built a business which they both love. The lockdown has stopped her from doing what she loves to do, and has left her stuck with me. Dad Dancing and lip syncing to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. Apparently this girl doesn’t. At least not tonight.

I’ve been pretty excitable this evening. I’m really looking forward to Monday when we move to Phase 1 of de-escalation and can think about going out for a meal. Jo, conversely, spent the afternoon organising a food collection for those that are struggling financially due to the effects of Coronavirus. It’s left her feeling reflective and thinking about the last 57 days. And, as I enthusiastically belt out the final verse, which in my mind sounds exactly like Cyndi herself, possibly the last 15 years of marriage to me.

So the lesson learned today, is that everyone deals with each day differently and in their own way. It’s perfectly okay to want some ‘me time’ and not to wanna have fun.

That, and that Dad Dancing isn’t a great alternative to listening.

Day #58

Feeling quite fragile this morning. I might have overdone it a bit last night. That drink at around 1.30 this morning was most certainly one too many. And I had several more after that.

We were then abruptly woken in the early hours by a tremendous thunderstorm, the thunderclaps reaching decibels only surpassed by the banging inside my head this morning.

So if it’s okay, I’ll keep this one short.

Jo however is in a much better mood today than yesterday. Suspiciously over-exaggerated loud happy in fact. Apparently today she does just wanna have fun. I just wanna go back to bed.

The storm was forecasted for later today, but as it came early in the night we have been treated to an unexpected sunny day and an impromptu barbecue.

Barbecue chicken and aspirin. As hangover cures go, it’s not working at all.

Tomorrow is the big day. After 58 days we can finally take a drive and go somewhere other than to a shop or pharmacy. And for the first time we can go together. We can spend time with other people, and enjoy a drink or a meal. It’s all very exciting and we cannot wait.

In fact, I think I’ll go to bed now...

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