Days in Lockdown: 6

Day #6.

Or is it? Although announced for the Región de Murcia on Saturday, it’s emerging that officially the Royal Decree only came into force on Monday. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise – even at a time of national crisis, in Spain ‘mañana, mañana’ still rules.

So maybe it’s only Day 4. And it’s widely expected that the lockdown will be extended beyond the initial planned 15 days. Which means I’ve absolutely no idea how many days we’ve done or how many we have left. In fact I barely know which day of the week it is to be honest, and this isn’t helping at all.

To add to the confusion, today and tomorrow are public holidays here in Murcia. Today is Día del Padre, or Father’s Day.

I’ll try and explain what this means for shops, schools, businesses and Dads in the region:

• All businesses which are currently closed due to the lockdown, are now also closed for the holiday.

• Restaurants which would normally be open during the holiday, are closed because of the lockdown.

• Shops that are not open because of the lockdown are now also closed for the holiday. The exception to this rule is that food shops that are open during the lockdown, are now closed for the holiday.

• Archie’s school which is closed because of the lockdown, but still teaching, is now closed and not teaching until Monday due to the public holiday, which means he does not need to attend the school he’s currently not going to.

• No Dads are going to be treated to a meal out or a trip to the pub today, or any day soon.

I hope that helps clarifies things.

With school shut, this Spanish Father’s Day I got to spend the entire day with Archie. And, with restaurants shut, instead of typically heading out to dine, this evening I was instead treated to chocolate brownies, proudly home baked by Archie and Jo.

As a friend here in Spain posted just this morning, maybe we are being given time to evaluate what and who is most important in our lives. Thank you Col Lou for your perfect words.

To all the dads in Spain, Feliz Día de Padre!

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