Days in Lockdown: 9

Mother’s Day. This year we decided against going out for lunch or dinner at some fancy restaurant. Rather than Sunday Lunch at a busy ex-pat carvery, with a selection of succulent roast meats and tempting homemade desserts, or perhaps a traditional Valencian Paella, expertly cooked to order with the freshest of locally sourced ingredients, served beachside, overlooking the clear blue seas of the Mediterranean, we instead opted to stay at home. Indoors. By ourselves. Again.

In fairness, it’s very unlikely that we would have ventured out today even if we were allowed; the weather has been pretty atrocious – dark, gloomy clouds, heavy rain, thunderstorms and, what with everything else that is going on, generally all a bit End-of-The-World-ish. I’m undecided if this is good lockdown weather, or bad lockdown weather.

The gift buying this year proved a tad more challenging than previous years, due to grocery stores being the only shops allowed to open. Challenging, but certainly not impossible. Wrapped up Gavin & Stacey style in aluminium foil, with much love and affection was a bottle of Baileys, two bottles of Vino Blanco, a roll of toilet paper and a box of chocolates. I doubt I’ll ever forget that joyous, look of surprise on Jo’s face as she opened them.

We spent the afternoon binging on Netflix, chocolate and wine. I do sometimes feel that since the lockdown began, our lives have become something of a copy and paste exercise.

I held back one last surprise for Jo. Today it was my turn to leave the confines of the house and take the rubbish out, but as an extra special Mother’s Day treat, this evening I forfeited my go and let Jo have the pleasure. As an added surprise, I’ve been secretly stockpiling rubbish over the past few days to fill a second bag, which meant an additional trip outside!

For the second time in one day, her face lit right up. Stupid, romantic old fool that I am.

The breaking Covid-19 news today, was the not particularly unexpected announcement that the lockdown here is likely to be extended beyond the original planned 15 days, by a further 15 days. The final decision on this will be made on Wednesday, but it is widely accepted this will go ahead. I think this makes logical sense as this takes it beyond Easter and prevents a high movement of people during the holidays. Jo and I have already started work on our new, extended bin rota.

Further measures implemented this weekend, now force all food shops to close on a Sunday and to cease trading by 19:00 the rest of the week. Just a heads up for anyone who might be needing to buy gifts for any upcoming birthdays this week, for example...mine....

Happy Mother’s Day/ Feliz Día de La Madre

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