Days in Lockdown: Days 29 to 31

Day #29

A few Stats for you: · 29 Days in Lockdown. · 24 hours, 18 minutes 'til Curry Fest. · 1 Day Less until lockdown ends.

Took part in my first Zoom Meeting/chat this afternoon. Having worked from home for the past 30 years or thereabouts, I’m not new to remote conferencing but I rigidity shy away from any type of video connection; nobody wants to catch sight of a 51-year-old sat in his underpants during their ‪Monday Morning brief (excuse the pun). I know, I’m sorry; that image will most likely stay with you now, long after the lockdown is over.

But today, relatively suitably attired, I caught up online with a few friends, and it dawned on me just how few people I have actually spoken to in the last month, at least face to face. My weekly exchange of “hola”, “gracias” and “adios” to the shop assistant, although pleasant enough, isn’t particularly stimulating. And it’s not so much face to face but more facemask to facemask.

So, even though just for 40 minutes or so, this was a real treat to socialise with some friends and see their actual faces. And they were all dressed too. Well as far as I could tell and certainly from the waste up in any case.

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were all being warned to limit our screen time, and to interact with ‘real’ people in ‘real’ life. Well for now at least, this is the new real life.

Important disclaimer: Software other than Zoom is available; but Fat Larry never wrote a song about it. You’ll probably have that tune stuck in your head now. Hopefully it’ll erase the image of me in my underwear.

Good Friday was a good lockdown day.

Day #30 1 Day Less until lockdown ends.

Easter Sunday.

Despite our building excitement, it was a slightly late start this morning. A late previous night enjoying various ‪Saturday night‬ watch parties meant we didn’t rise ‪until around 8‬ hours, 27 minutes 'til Curry Fest. This is our new and preferred method of measuring time.

Easter is a big deal amongst the Spanish. Easter eggs, not so much. There’s only one place we know that sells them but getting there would mean breaking the terms of our curfew. And a possible €600 fine. I don’t like chocolate quite that much.

So, this year eggs were replaced with a basket full of sweets and chocolate bars from the local Spar supermarket. We didn’t get any complaints. Besides, today is all about the curry!

0 hours, 00 minutes 'til Curry Fest.

“Alexa, play Indian Restaurant Music”. The time for our long-awaited takeaway curry has finally arrived. I’m making the most of this opportunity, recreating the ambience and atmosphere of an evening out at a restaurant. As well as Alexa shuffling tracks from ‘Hindi Lounge Chill Out’, I’ve found a ‘Busy Restaurant Ambiance’ app which features a 10-hour loop of chattering customers. Casa Curry is open for business, we’ve changed into our going-out clothes, arrived promptly and the evening is now set for a great night out, in.

03 hours, 17 minutes since Curry Fest.

Whilst the service at Casa Curry wasn’t the best, the food was excellent and the wine super cheap. Coupled with a great atmosphere and even better company, it was so good, we stayed all night and were the last to leave.

Day #31 1 Day Less until lockdown ends.

Is it possible to get a hangover from too much curry?

I suppose it’s remotely feasible that the cheap and free flowing vinos might have played its part also.

Either way, we felt a tad delicate this morning after yesterday’s less than traditional Easter Feast. So today we detoxicated on a Sunday Roast. On a Monday. But let’s be honest, no one is actually keeping track of the days.

Invented a new game: ‘Themed Scrabble’, a twist on normal scrabble where you score double points if your word is related to a chosen theme. Archie won on the theme of ‘curry’, although there may have been one or two new dishes created by him specifically for this game. We’ll have to wait until he goes to bed to see how well I fare with my selected theme.

Despite the changeable weather and not being able to leave the house, it’s been a fantastic Easter. I would say an eggcellent one, but that would be just too corny. And there wasn’t any eggs.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter x

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