Days in Lockdown: 3

Things seem a little bit more serious today. Roads are eerily quiet, except for frequent security and Policia patrols, with rumours of large fines for anyone outside without a ‘state approved reason’.

And the weather, uncharacteristically grey and cloudy, is adding to the general solemn feeling. It’s as if even the sun has chosen to self isolate.

But for me it’s pretty much business as usual - a drawback from working from home; I never got ‘snow days’ when I lived in the UK and I certainly don’t get ‘Coronavirus quarantine days’ living here.

Archie’s school have set up a virtual classroom so his schooling continues albeit in his PJ’s. It’s only Jo and her business that’s being impacted, and if you were to listen to her you’d think we’d been locked down for 3 weeks not 3 days!

Some good news; the earlier reported positive case of Coronavirus on La Torre has now been given the all clear.

And there’s this positive movement, building momentum right across Spain where residents take to their balconies, terraces and gardens every evening at 20:00, and clap, cheer and sing in solidarity and thanks for the services who have to continue to work through this period - police, nurses, doctors, shop workers etc. We partook this evening. I felt quite proud, and slightly embarrassed all at the same time. I’ve heard it referred to as ‘The Spanish Clap’, flooding back mixed memories of Lloret de Mar circa.1987. But that’s a story for another time..

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