Days in Lockdown: 4

I was REALLY looking forward to today. I awoke with such a buzz and so excited - it was my turn to take out the rubbish to the communal bins! An authorised trip outside, of at least 100 meters round trip, of blissful, unrestricted and open outsideness (a new word I’ve invented after enduring 4 days of restricted insideness). But it’s been cold, peeing down and blowing a gale. Well almost. So reluctantly I gave it a miss. But did still braved the elements for our 8pm Spanish Clap.

There have been some unexpected advantages to the lockdown. Firstly, we don’t need to get up quite so early each morning to get Archie ready and take him to school. PJ’s are his new uniform.

And as he shares my office to log into the school’s virtual classroom, I have been privy to a unique and rare fly-on-the-wall insight into his school lessons. Turns out he’s not quite as shy and retiring as we always thought. He also knows a lot more Spanish than he lets on. Although how much of it can be used in polite conversation remains to be seen.

Sigue Sonriendo x

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