Days in Lockdown: 8

As we head into our second week of lockdown here in Spain, the UK prepares to start it’s first, albeit a Lite Beer version. You are perhaps fashionably late, but welcome to the party. When I say party, I of course mean the type where you stay at home alone, without any friends or guests. Some of you I am sure are already quite familiar with that concept.

Today wasn’t exactly the Saturday we had planned. We should have been celebrating the birthday of a good friend who was due to visit from the UK this weekend. Restaurant was booked. Activities planned. Unfortunately, coronavirus had other ideas. So instead, with an unerring sense

of déjà vu, we have been confined to our home.

And with the sun still evidently in isolation, today has been a day of board games, chocolatey snacks and alcohol. Although not necessarily in that order. Not for the first time since the lockdown began, it feels oddly reminiscent of Christmas.

I’m quite proud of how we are coping so far. Any family that can play the game of Monopoly for two and a half hours, eight days into confinement without even the tiniest of urges to maim or kill each other, clearly have a very strong bond. And to be fair, we did get pretty close to achieving that. But I remain adamant that there is absolutely nowhere in the rules that allow you to bypass Fenchurch Street Station to keep you ‘socially distant’. I’ve checked.

I further occupied myself today by devising a cunning new system to keep track of which day of lockdown we are on – it predominantly involves counting empty bottles of wine. And then dividing that figure by two. It’s scarily accurate. It probably also explains the harsh looks of distain I regularly receive from staff and customers in our local store, mistakenly thinking I’m stockpiling wine. Sadly, there is no stockpiling going on.

I must finish on the sad news we woke to this morning of the passing of country singer Kenny Rogers. A Legend in my eyes, and many others judging by the tributes pouring in on social media.

But let’s just remember that on the exact same day, we also lost 627 people in Italy and 262 here in Spain to coronavirus. Sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. Each one, undoubtedly, a Legend to someone. Please, whether you are on a full or partial lockdown, remember it’s not a holiday; Stay Home and Stay Safe. It won’t always be easy, forfeiting many of the things you love to do, but in the immortal words of Mr Rogers himself “Do not be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”.

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