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Sofia’s Coffee Shop and Lounge

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Sofia’s Coffee Shop and Lounge

Commercial 4 Town Centre , La Torre Golf Resort , 30709

Date of Visit: 10/04/2023

La Torre is blessed with several restaurants, enough to satisfy a lot of palates. If I had one complaint, it would be the lack of anything authentically local. If I could indulge with another, it might perhaps be quality. The great news is both gaps are now well and truly plugged with the opening of Sofia’s.

I have, according to my wife, an annoying trait. Actually, according to my wife, I have several, annoying traits, but one in particular is that I constantly gauge the quality of a restaurant by ordering a specific dish for comparison ("just try something new for once!"). Guilty as charged. Onion bhajis are my benchmark for Indian food, whilst for a Sunday Roast, the standard of the Yorkshire Puddings determine if I’m ever likely to return - I’ve never yet gone back anywhere for a second helping of Aunt Bessie’s.

When it comes to tapas, it’s the Tortilla; a sweaty, rubbery omelette will have me out the front door quicker than you can say ‘shop bought’.

But it’s clear that the chef at Sofia’s has never been anywhere near the cold section of the local Mercadona. Warm and fluffy, with an oozy, eggy inside that seductively dribbled across my plate. Clearly an expertly made Spanish Omelette. Although the dribbling may have come from me.

I ordered the Pork in Red Wine; another tapa staple. I only had to present my knife to the dish, for the pork to surrender itself to its inevitable fate and fall obligingly apart. Succulent, slow cooked, mouth-watering. I dribbled some more. The accompanying rich red wine gravy would have felt comfortably at home alongside a thick cut sirloin, and the warm bread served its purpose in mopping up the lush juices, saving me from licking the plate clean. Apparently another one of my annoying traits.

Our lunch was washed down with a glass (it may have been two..) of Luzon Rosé. A reasonably priced but quality vino produced here in Murcia.

Reassuringly classy. You should give Sofia’s a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Edit: Since this review, Sofia's no longer serves hot tapas. They do serve sharing platters, cakes and pies. Please check with the establishment for up to date information.

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