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A warm hug from a cuddly friend.


Bringing sunshine to kids on their cloudiest days!

Cuddle Bears provides teddy bears and soft, cuddly toys to children experiencing distress or trauma. Having a bear to hold and cuddle may be one of the only constants in a childs chaotic moment in their young life.


Bears are provided to hospitals, first responders, charities and community organisations who give the bears to children in need, and also to families and individuals who know someone that would benefit from a Cuddle Bear.

There is no hard and fast rule to who we gift bears to, as we fully understand how circumstances and events affect children differently, but typical uses might be:

  • To calm a distressed child in a hospital A&E department

  • To reassure a child involved in an accident, perhaps given by a police officer

  • Children displaced due to conflict or natural disaster such as flooding or fire.

  • A child and parent seeking refuge from an abusive relationship


If you are an organisation or an individual that know of anyone that you think would benefit from a Cuddle Bear, please get in touch with us.

Want to learn more about this warm & cuddly initiatve?


As we are 100% volunteer based, it best to reach us by email for additional information on how you can support Cuddle Bears.


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How can you help?

There are several ways you can help:

Donate a bear or soft cuddly toy

We gratefully accept new, pre-loved and homemade bears (only new bears are sent to hospital environments).

Please ensure pre-loved bears are in good condition with no rips or loose eyes, buttons etc. We steam clean all pre-loved bears before distributing them.

If buying new, we highly recommend Ikea for reasonably priced bears – prices start at just €1.50. You can order online here and have them delivered directly to us (click here for delivery address).

Sorry, but we cannot accept giant size bears as these cause us storage & transportation issues.


Local collection might be possible if you have several bears to donate (we are based in the Murcia region), please contact us.


Just €1.50 will pay for a small bear that will put a huge smile on a child's face.

Donations can be made safely and securely through PayPal.

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Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

It’s impossible for us to even begin to imagine the distress and trauma that the people of Ukraine are facing. But try and imagine the same horrors through the mind and eyes of a child; displaced, frightened, confused and without any familiar belongings.

Often children are unable to process or express their feelings surrounding the gravity of such trauma.


But a soft toy or teddy bear can shift the child’s focus from the fear and anxiety to one of comfort, safety, and connection. 

We know it’s a tiny gesture, but sometimes the smallest of gestures can have the biggest impact.


We are gifting teddy bears and soft toys to refugee children upon their arrival in the Murcia region.


Please help our effort by donating new or pre-loved teddy bears (please see our guidelines for donations). 


Let’s not forget the children. Thank you for your support.

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