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Our Purpose: to promote travel & tourism in a responsible manner.
You may have already heard similar terms - sustainable tourism, ecotourism, impact travel. We think it’s best summarised as ‘travel that has a positive impact rather than a negative one’.
And that means respecting the environment, but also supporting local communities and making better places for people to live in.
How? By visiting and buying our food from local markets, choosing family run r
estaurants and educating and immersing ourselves in local culture. In this way, the money spent during travel goes directly to local people and stays within their communities.
Put simply - Experience the world in a way that is good for the world.
We invite you to Experience Murcia by e

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Our mobility is responsible for more than a fifth of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Riding an eBike helps to lower this value because it enables us to reduce traffic and its impact on the environment. They require little space and don't create noise or exhaust fumes. The switch is a win for the environment. And therefore for every one of us.

Of course, we use fuel to deliver and collect the e-bikes. Our aim is to eventually switch to EV transportation, but until then we do our best to offset our carbon emissions generated by each trip.  We fund VCS certified carbon reduction programmes across the world via a range of projects that include carbon avoidance and clean and renewable energy generation. Many are within developing countries, where they also provide additional social benefits. You'll receive a certificate showing our offset donation made on your behalf for each rental you book with us.
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Compared to other means of transport, the e-bike is a very environmentally friendly way of getting around - more flexible, quieter and more climate-friendly.
 Experience the World 
in a way that is Good for the World. 
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The e-bike is the next evolutionary step in cycling. Even though the CO2 footprint of an e-bike is larger than that of a bicycle: e-bikers travel much more frequently and on longer routes – a win for the environmental impact of our mobility.
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